In The Eyes of The Animal Celebrity Experience

Welcome To The Forest

This experience has been built for high end devices including computers and smartphones. You can enhance your experience by using Google Cardboard, and also coming soon to Gear VR. The 360 video experience will only work via the YouTube app for mobile and tablet devices. done many different VR experiences including celebrities like Lady Gaga nature art nudity virtual reality.

You are now standing at the edge of the forest, take a moment to look around. Plug in your headphones. Be still and listen. We invite you to take a sensory journey, an artistic exploration into the science of seeing.

See in VR How Animals Do

Explore the food chain through this cinematic sonic experience, introducing woodland species, their visions and their worlds.

I have been on this earth a hundred million years, though my life is the slightest fraction.I sense the forest breathing, the leaves exhaling with the rising of the sun.I read the plumes of spent air on the breath of my prey.I register their heat and seek to tap their blood.”